Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak About Their Lives Without School by Sue Patterson

Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak About Their Lives Without School

Book Title: Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak About Their Lives Without School

Publisher: 2nd Tier Publishing

ISBN: 0986229040

Author: Sue Patterson

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Sue Patterson with Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak About Their Lives Without School

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Are you panicking about homeschooling your teen?

Do you fear they'll miss the various activities associated with adolescence?

Maybe you're afraid you'll close doors for them or they won't be well-prepared for adulthood?

Are you afraid you're going to mess things up or “make them weird?”

Breathe! These 75 young people are going to show you exactly what their lives looked like as homeschooled teenagers. And you'll be surprised at how they made friends, got along with family, and explored unique learning environments. They're eager to share the benefits and advantages they experienced through homeschooling. Their lives were (and are!) full, rich, and happy.

Bring your doubts—reassurance is on its way!

“There is finally a big enough generation of grown-up homeschooled kids that it is possible to see patterns and grasp the diversity in their experiences. And who better to tell us about all that than the kids themselves! You'll find these young voices are fascinating and absorbing as they open a window for you to get a look into their unconventional lives. A great read. You'll find it hard to put down.”
~Pam Sorooshian, Economics Professor, Homeschooling advocate

"A well-organized compilation of answers to questions about homeschooled teens' ways of learning, social lives, family relationships, hobbies, college experiences, careers, and more.  I recommend it highly to anyone who is homeschooling, considering homeschooling, or curious about it."
~Peter Gray, Research Professor of Psychology at Boston College and author of Free to Learn

“This thoughtful book, full of their opinions, experiences, and honest comments about home-based learning, is proof. You will be reassured, then inspired. And they will provide you with some really great advice... so pay attention!”
~Wendy Presnietz, Editor of Life Learning Magazine, author of School Free and Challenging Assumptions in Education.

"A priceless collection of observations and insights! A wide range of experiences, interests, and goals... a fascinating look at homeschooling during the teen years."
~Pam Laricchia, author of the book, Free to Learn, Free to Live, and Life through the Lens of Unschooling

"A vivid and honest survey about the joys, opportunities, and challenges of homeschooling teenagers. Read this book to learn how you can customize homeschooling to any teenager's advantage."
~Patrick Farenga, co-author of Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling

"A reassuring, helpful, and fantastic resource for anyone involved in homeschooling or interested in this way of educating children. An extraordinary resource!"
~Marty Layne, Homeschooling advocate in Canada and the U.S. and author of Learning At Home: A Mother’s Guide to Homeschooling and Can I Do This: Teach My Children at Home?

This book is a gem—superb in many ways. The author's extensive experience, careful observations, and wise perspective provide a framework for the poignant and perceptive comments of these 75 young people. No better book exists providing a convincing case that homeschoolers engage in deep, meaningful learning and go on to live productive and fulfilling adult lives.
~Wes Beach, speaker, consultant, and author of Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling and Self-Directed Learning: Documentation and Life Stories.

"Like reading the sequel I never wrote to my own books! Anyone who wants to know whether homeschooling—especially unschooling—works should look at the kids, but Sue's approach is even better: she asks the kids. And as we homeschooling parents know well, our kids have plenty to tell us.
~Mary Griffith, author of The Homeschooling Handbook and The Unschooling Handbook