The Seven Laws Of Teaching by John M Gregory

The Seven Laws Of Teaching

Book Title: The Seven Laws Of Teaching

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1495456765

Author: John M Gregory

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John M Gregory with The Seven Laws Of Teaching

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John Gregory imparts to us the art of teaching as seven laws. He presents these seven laws in varying forms so they can be understood clearly and neatly, taking hold in the mind. The Seven Laws stated as rules. I. Know thoroughly and familiarly the lesson you wish to teach; or, in other words, teach from a full mind and a clear understanding. II. Gain and keep the attention and interest of the pupils upon the lesson. Refuse to teach without attention. III. Use words understood by both teacher and pupil in the same sense language clear and vivid alike to both. IV. Begin with what is already well known to the pupil in the lesson or upon the subject, and proceed to the unknown by single, easy, and natural steps, letting the known explain the unknown. V. Use the pupil's own mind, exciting his self-activities. Keep his thoughts as much as possible ahead of your expression, making him a discoverer of truth. VI. Require the pupil to reproduce in thought the lesson he is learning thinking it out in its parts, proofs, connections, and applications till he can express it in his own language. VII. Review, review, REVIEW, reproducing correctly the old, deepening its impression with new thought, correcting false views, and completing the true.