Rise & Shine MCA-III Prep Grade 4 Mathematics by Jonathan D. Kantrowitz

Rise & Shine MCA-III Prep Grade 4 Mathematics

Book Title: Rise & Shine MCA-III Prep Grade 4 Mathematics

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1500231266

Author: Jonathan D. Kantrowitz

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Jonathan D. Kantrowitz with Rise & Shine MCA-III Prep Grade 4 Mathematics

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Do you need a workbook to get your students into “game shape” for the MCA-III? Do you need a workbook that is 100% aligned to the most recent standards? That presents questions just like those your students will see on the MCA-III? That is uncluttered, easy to navigate, and is not intimidating to children? Queue’s Rise & Shine Series provides educators with the means to engage their students and to practice and reinforce the skills and concepts essential for success on the MCA-III and in the classroom. These workbooks are an indispensable teaching tool! • Each workbook is completely aligned to MCA-III Standards. • The questions match the format that students will see on the MCA-III. • Hundreds of practice questions ensure that students are familiar with the Minnesota mathematics exam format before walking into the test. • Many questions involve graphic representations, an important part of the Minnesota math assessment. • Teacher editions include extensive test-specific introductory guides and show correct and suggested answers for each of the questions asked, as well as the targeted skill for those questions. • Grades 3–8 contain two practice tests and are filled with Progress Monitoring Quizzes to keep tabs on the skills and ideas with which students may be struggling. Our mathematics workbooks are the most effective test preparation tools available! Also a great resource for home schooling.