School-Community Relations by Douglas J. Fiore

School-Community Relations

Book Title: School-Community Relations

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1596671610

Author: Douglas J. Fiore

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Douglas J. Fiore with School-Community Relations

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Much has changed since the publication of the highly successful Second Edition. In addition to updated coverage of hot-button issues such as funding, charter schools, high-stakes testing, teacher accountability, and multiculturalism, the Third Edition includes a new chapter on social networking, which shows you how to take maximum advantage of Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and more.

By showcasing a large selection of real-life examples, this book also demonstrates how to prepare a successful school-community relations plan, read the pulse of your community, communicate effectively, and plan for and deal with crisis situations.

Contents include:

  • Paying Attention to Public Opinion
  • Establishing Everybody's Role
  • Opening Up to Your Internal Publics
  • Embracing Your External Publics
  • Saying What You Mean: Meaning What You Say
  • Evaluating Effectiveness and Building Confidence - The Future